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Sailing in Barbados
Sailing in Barbados has of choices to suit everbody of all ages from large charter yachts to small Hobie cats.

Sailing in Barbados
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Sailing in Barbados - From Charter Yachts to Hobie Cats

Hobicat sail boats can be rented at Cobblers Cove, two minutes from Schooner Bay, and the "Glass Bottom Boat" cruises by regularly. We enjoy going out on a Catamaran for the day - 'Good Times' is our favourite as they come and collect us from our beach. Lunch and drinks on board are plentiful and we love sailing down the coast and swimming with the turtles.

Schooner Bay

Located at the southern end of Speightstown, is a beachfront selection of luxurious apartments.
Located along the north-west coast of Barbados, Speightstown is one of the major towns on the island and has a long and interesting history.


Much of the character of Speightstown can be found in its architecture - historic buildings dating back to the early settlement of Barbados alongside modern buildings reflecting a developing nation - and in its people - the sidewalk vendors offering fresh fruits and vegetables, the fishermen unloading their catch along the jetty, local characters hanging out at the Esplanade and friendly sales staff in modern shops and restaurants.


The west coast of Barbados is often referred to as the 'Platinum Coast' and is renowned for the clear warm waters that lap gently onto golden sands. This coast is ideal for your Caribbean vacation whether it's a family holiday or a romantic getaway.

There are several magnificent beaches along this coast.

You can choose from; Brandons, Batts Rock, Fitts Village, Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane and Folkestone Park in St.James, or Mullins Bay and Heywoods in St.Peter. At each of these beaches you will find the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea that are perfect for swimming, and clean coral sands on which to relax and soak up the Caribbean sunshine.

Places to visit

Arlington House Museum - 18th century house with three floors of exhibits and interactive features.
St. Peter's Parish Church - dating back to 1837, this Anglican church was built in a Georgian style.


A walk through the town is a great way to enjoy the local character and the historic buildings combined with modern architecture to create a vibrant town alive with history.
The newly opened Speightstown Esplanade is the perfect place to stroll or sit and watch the gorgeous Caribbean sea and tropical sunsets.
Stroll out on the jetty for a lovely view of Speightstown and the coastline.

Sea Turtles

Several of the beaches along Speightstown's coast are turtle nesting beaches, so if you're visiting at the right time you might spot a turtle nesting or hatchlings making their way to the sea. Hawksbill turtles typically nest between May and October, however, nesting has been documented throughout the year.

Did you know that a group of sea turtle nests on a beach are called collectively - a rookery!

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